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With a background working in galleries, Theadora provides boutique advisory services to individuals and corporations, both new and seasoned collectors, to build meaningful collections. Her close relationships to artists, galleries, auction houses and museums allow for access to the most up and coming, and important artists in the rapidly changing art market. Specializing in emerging, mid-career, and blue-chip contemporary art, her expertise extends over a range of services:

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Art Display


-Acquisition and sourcing of artworks in both primary and secondary markets
-Collection building + management 
-House projects, working with individuals and interior designers
-Market and industry education 
-Artist studio visits, gallery walk throughs, art fair visits
-Logistics (insurance, framing, shipping, installation)
-Museum donations 
-In-depth provenance checks

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With a client base that spans across the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia, Theadora regularly travels to art fairs nationally and internationally to stay up to date on market trends and industry happenings. Based primarily in the vibrant Los Angeles art scene, she maintains a strong local insight by regularly attending exhibition openings, museum events, and artist studios. 

In the summer of 2022, Theadora launched katikía, an artist residency based in her family’s hometown of Monemvasia, Greece. The Residency provides an escape for artists to grow in their talents while residing in the Medieval town of Monemvasia in the Southern Peloponnese of Greece. Monemvasia provides an unparalleled experience to partake in the serenity and history-rich culture that acts as a canvas for artists to develop their work, improve their craft, and absorb from the plentiful cultural ecosystem. During their time in Katikia, artists will have the chance to connect with locals and educate youth communities. 

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My passion for art advising motivates my dedication to communicating my world experiences through the fine art industry.
My combined business acumen, creative knowledge, and artistic outlook provides me an edge to present the best artwork possible. By keeping up with current market trends through extensive cultural involvement, as well as my proficiency in the contemporary and modern art environment, I aim to connect individual needs of my clients to those of their audiences worldwide.

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Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries please contact Theadora.

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